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Business Strategies

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to the nearest shipping port.

Question three

Mexico Since the current president (Enrique Pena Nieto) office, there has been rapid efforts to transform the country’s economy. The main reforms that the country is increasingly pursuing relates to upgrading the education system, increase international economic competition, improve the telecommunications, Expand credit as well as increasing The investments on Oil and gas (sponsor content, 2016). Currently, Mexico is facing huge economic challenges as a result of the drug trafficking menace. This is slowing down the country’s economy. The main reason I think that this country will rise to an international player is attributed from the fact that they are engaging fully in new market outreach and formulation of new growth policies in the pacific alliance and also diversifying the international trade (sponsor content, 2016). To be amongst the leading players in the market, the country needs to take advantage of the multiple belongings in the culture and fashion and translate these into investment and trade opportunities, for technological exchange and this will help In the strengthening of the country’s bonds within the global market, to tackle the persistent drug problem, the country is undertaking to formulate strategies that will include application of new systems of justice (sponsor content, 2016). At the edge of next century, this country will be amongst the fourth largest automobiles manufacturers and this will be boosted by increased exportation and manufacturing endeavors in the field of aerospace and electronics. The population in Mexico will also be characterized by a young and growing middle class. This tops up the potential for future growth.


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