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Growing Importance of E-Commerce in Global Market

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But right now, the e-commerce scene in Bangladesh is really exciting. There are lots of local e-commerce platforms in the market. Not only that, multiple massive foreign e-commerce platforms have started investing here. And more are on their way. The reason is obvious – they can see that this market has enormous potential. In the last couple of years, smartphones have also made up a huge portion of the market as a target for e-commerce. The best part is that people in Bangladesh are starting to enjoy the benefits of the E- commerce industry of the country .It saves time and money and makes our lives simpler After the implement of online payment gateways we saw a slow rise in E-commerce After mobile payment system, the pace of e-commerce picked up massively. Our estimates show that e-commerce is currently now a Tk. 300 crore industry. the figure might vary a bit, but one thing is for sure – the trend is uphill and it will grow exponentially in the years to come. ( Ahmed, 2106)

Different E-Commerce in Sector in Bangladesh

- Ready Made Garments (RMG)

- Banking sectors(online Banking)

- Online shopping

- Web Hosting Domain

- Online Cards, Gifts etc .

Major E-Commerce Websites in Bangladesh:

in spite of various barriers many e-commerce websites are established in Bangladesh. In July, 2013, The products and services that now dominate the country’s e-commerce are railway tickets, domestic air tickets, hotel booking, electronic products, books, gift items, jobs, hotel reservation clothing and some food items. Major e-commerce websites in Bangladesh are given below-






- (Mohiuddin , 2014)

Comparing with other country & Bangladesh Let's compare the market in China and India now. E Commerce industry contributed more than 4% in overall GDP of China .Indian e-commerce market is expecting to grow more than $14 bill and China is $672 billion in 2017. Bangladesh is just passing the phase what India has passed 5/6 years back.

Conclusion Internet and the World Wide Web are two of the most important technologies behind e-commerce and there are various benefits of e-commerce to consumers such as 24/7 access, more choices of products price comparison, and improved delivery process. Thus e-commerce provides the infrastructure and environment that enables and facilitates e-business. If Bangladesh can solve some problem that hampered E-commerce business then Bangladesh can be create a great global market in E-commerce .


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