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House of Fraser

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in the external environment? For example what is happening to the other house of Fraser store that are international for example the house of Fraser store in Dubai mall? What challenges are they facing? For instance skills/labour shortages, attraction and retention, funding.

House of Fraser should have identified who are their customers and clients. What are the short-medium-long term goals for house of Fraser and what workforce skills and capability will house of Fraser need to achieve their goals?. Having a good understanding of the context and environment house of Fraser is operating in, as well as the business is meeting its goals for the future. This will house of Fraser to plan their workforce needs and develop strategies to turn house of Fraser goals into business success.

Step 2 current workforce profiles:

This stage is when house of Fraser knows what their workforce issues of their staff. Such as age, qualifications, skills, knowledge, experience, strengths, weaknesses. House of Fraser managers thought if they can gain a clear picture of their workforce’s strengths and development needs by doing a skills stocktake, analysing the pattern within their workforce data and discussing it with their employees what their views are within their workforce data and discussing it with their employees what their views are on issues, concerns or areas for improvement. House of Fraser managers also thought that if they introduced some staff for jobs such as it technicians branch managers, that have hidden potential or maybe some staff underemployed and have the potential to for training up-skill them and transition them into new roles.

Step 3 future workforce requirements:

This stage is when your business is categorised the likely impacts on the workforce; also recognise what the future workforce supply and demand that your business needs. For instance house of Fraser managers determine staff demand based on your analysis of future projects and trends; also they identify what skills that are no longer required in the future due to changing organisational needs, but also classify the new skills required in the future to meet organisational goals.

Step 4 analyse and fill the gap:

in this stage house of Fraser will know their current workforce and what they want their desired future workforce to look like and compare the difference. This process is stated as gap analysis. House of Fraser has clear idea about the gap between what the skills, staff members, job roles and experience are between your current workforce asnd the workforce you will require it achieve your future workforce goals.

Step 5 reviews and evaluate your action plan:

Once house of Fraser managers have developed and started to implement their workforce action plan its vital that the managers think about how they know if their workforce is working or not. House of Frasers managers review their staff training and development requirements also identifying against business planning considerations and update workforce plan accordingly.

Pros of workforce planning:

The advantage of workforce planning is; it eliminates surprises, it smoothens out the business cycles, and it prevents problems. But also identifies problems if there was


It is the process of searching and recruiting suitable people from inside/outside the organisation to fill in a certain positions.

House of Fraser managers recruit staff for instance sales assistance, because they think that without the right staff with the right skills house of Fraser cannot make enough products to satisfy customer requirements. This is why house of Fraser store managers decide to work on the workface plans to identify their future staffing requirements. For instance house of Fraser may progress plans to recruit a new brand manager when the current one plans to retire in 6 months’


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