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For Companies Both Big and Small: Running a Business on Smartphones

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In CPS, the introduction of new technology believed to be costly and would not add enormous values to the system. In order to convince those who hesitate using the new technology, the innovations, which can be done with new technology should be shown such as use of camera, GPS mechanism and emergency notifications.

In Lloyd's Construction, the new system’s compatibility was checked before being applied. Employees incur problems in using push-talk-phone which were purchased to replace the radio. Therefore, employees were introduced the new system step by step. For 18 months, both systems were ran side by side to familiarize employees with the new system known as E-Trace.

Man basically has fear experiencing new change and tend to feel comfortable with the existing system. There are people who can not accept sudden change and cooperate with it. Some solutions to overcome this problem are as follows:

1. New system should be introduced step by step. It is more suitable to introduce new technology along with the previous one so that it can be easily adopted by the employees. Process of new technology has been conducted to meet the company’s requirements and for its success, therefore it should be carried in the continuous process along with the existing system.

2. Training and educating programs related to the new technology should be conducted in order to make the employees satisfied with the new change.

Question No 3: CPS Energy and Lloyd’s Construction used smartphones to make existing processes more efficient. How could they have used the technology to create new products and services for their customers. Include at least one recommendation for each organization.


The recommendation for CPS energy is to be more more cost-effective, through applying the system, which works from home for those employees whose presence in the office is not necessary. Those employees can share the reports through Internet, thus saving the cost of building rental as well as electricity. The company can also think to make their experts available online for the customers so that they can solve their own problems or raise a request to CPS' own experts. These experts could then access and analyze the request's entire history, which allow them to either solve the problem online or at least get better prepare for the onsite service call.

The recommendation for Lloyd's Construction is they can create such a system that can show the position of company’s inventory in order to reduce inventory loss as well as their system can be used to provide the general contractor, who is responsible for managing all the individual contractors with project status information such as site surveys, various permits, etc. and also used to schedule coordination, and expense reporting of the company.


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