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American Sniper True or Myth?

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there is a bounty put on his head but it is only priced at about 80,000 dollars (American Sniper Kyle, McEwen, DeFelice). In reality Chris Kyle leaves the Navy in order to be around his family and to save his marriage, in the movie it states that the war became to much for Kyle to handle "When I first got out, I had a lot of resentment" Kyle states in his book " (American Sniper Kyle, McEwen, DeFelice). In an interview Chris stated that he did hate the insurgents at first but he did not enjoy killing them, in the movie there is no evidence shown towards this idea (Greenblatt pg.1). In the movie there are many scenes in which Chris is shown as being very heroic and saving his fellow soldiers and civilians. One story not included in the movie is a story of Chris and another fellow SEAL saving two young and injured marines that were under heavy gunfire. Chris (Bradley cooper) does have a lot of heroic scenes in the movie that are true stories but there are also many other first hand eye witness reports of kyle’s bravery.

The film does not depict Chris’s death which occurred on February 2nd, 2013, when Chris and friend Chad Littlefield took Iraq War veteran Eddie Ray Routh with them to a shooting range. At the time Chris was working with veterans struggling with post traumatic stress disorder, Routh suffered from this disorder and shot Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield to death while at the shooting range (Andriakos pg.1). What is shown in the movie is Chris’s passion for working with his fellow veterans, Kyle’s wife "Taya explained that Routh’s mother had worked at the Kyle children’s school and had asked Chris, who often volunteered his time for veterans struggling with PTSD, for help with her son" (Andriakos pg.1).

The movie American sniper has very few historical inaccuracies and is a pretty good interpretation of the life of Chris Kyle. Many of the main ideas such as Kyle’s reputation in the military and stories about his early life hold true from the movie into his real life. The movie is based off of a book written by Kyle himself so many of the ideas expressed in the movie are based out of Chris’s experiences from the book so the movie is automatically a good source. The movie American sniper is a good source of history because it is based of a book written by Chris Kyle the actual American sniper and is a primary source for information about his life.

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