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Management 410: Operations Management

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• ìStrategic Outsourcing,î Quinn and Hilmer, SMR, Summer 1994.

• ìPartnerships To Improve Supply Chains,î Corbett et al., SMR, Summer 1999.

CASE: ìLaura Ashley and Federal Express Strategic Alliance,î HBS (9-693-050).

Be prepared to discuss the following questions:

1. Evaluate the decision to enter a strategic alliance from the perspective of both Laura Ashley and Federal Express. What are the real opportunities and risks from this approach?

2. Evaluate the structure of the relationship. Do the financial arrangements make sense? Is the loose nature of the partnership appropriate, or should a more structured approach be taken? Scope out an alternative. What type of leadership was necessary to make such a deal and what leadership skills will be necessary to implement it successfully?

3. How likely is it that the partnership will succeed over the long term and what will it take for both companies to make it successful? Are there specific organizational or human resource policy reforms that would enhance LAís performance?

4. Assume the partnership is successful. What new strategic operating capabilities will it provide for Laura Ashley? How, specifically, should they be used to expand its business?


• ìGetting the Most out of Your Product Development Processî, Adler et al., Harvard Business Review, March-

April 1996.

CASE: IDEO Product Development

Be prepared to discuss the following questions:

1. How would you characterize IDEOís process, organization, culture, and management?

2. Should IDEO accept the Visor project as is (on a dramatically reduced schedule)? Should they try to persuade Handspringís management to change its aggressive launch schedule? Or should they simply decline the project? In your discussions, please consider both the IDEO and the Handspring perspectives.

3. Should other companies follow IDEOís approach to their own in-house product development efforts? Should Toyota do so? How about Microsoft?

Video: The Deep Dive.


Continuous Improvement / Total Quality Management / Environmental Management


• ìCompeting On The Eight Dimensions Of Quality,î Garvin, HBR, Nov-Dec 1987.

• ìA Note on Quality: The Views of Deming, Juran, And Crosby,î HBS (9-687-011).


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