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Biotechnology - Cloning

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Farm location is another issue which has been brought in by technology to ensure food security. As farms become more and more limited, thanks to technology farmers can now be able to plant on the underground example in London a hydroponic farm which was built in abandoned underground tunnel. Hydroponic technology is slowly being adopted as now it is possible to plant crops without the use of soil by using a rich nutrient-rich water solution and LED bulbs are used so as to produce light.

Technology has been attributed to more food production in the country. Besides the negative impacts as a result of the use of technology in food production the positive impact overweighs the negative and hence it is crucial for people around the world and a country at large to apply technology in their agricultural practices. Sensors are also crucial to food technology. Sensors in the grain allow the farmers to monitor the temperature and also the moisture level remotely. A sensor makes it possible to monitor soil moisture or productivity so as to increase or decrease overlap of fertilizers to the seed.

Technology is however crucial to human survival. Technology has made it possible to cure diseases which were seen as dangerous in the older times. Through this people now can get treated for various illnesses and also get advice on how to live healthily. Through technology, transplant has been successful on many occasions hence people can get organs from others and still live a positive life. Other illnesses such as cancer, HIV/AID S, Malaria and other diseases which were considered dangerous are now being treated, and those which cure hasn't been found alternatives drugs are used to ensure people live long.Without a doubt, we can all agree that technology has come to alleviate people from suffering from their diseases and also increase the human lifespan (Teich, 2012p.210).

In conclusion, Despite this advantages technology has also brought in many issues and it has also led to enmity between countries. Through technology, privacy has been hindered as nowadays people can hack into your computer and violate your right to privacy. It has furthermore led to nuclear war among countries especially those that have advanced in technology leading to war among many countries. Finally, technology has led to the erosion of our culture as people now embrace foreign believes and also the culture of other people. Immoral activities has been attributed to the advancement in technology as youths, and underage children are now exposed to pornographic mat


Teich, A. H. (2012). Technology and Future. New York: Wadsworth.


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