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The Montana Mountain Lodge Hotel

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3. Quality Standards.

There are many hotels in the world which is called tree hotels. Certainly, nowadays, the tree hotels are not a new concept. However, Montana Magic Lodge is not just same hotel like all other tree hotels. It is the one of the most unique and different hotels in South America (14). The hotel is surrounded by big rainforest moss and huge trees. Also, it is made from human, the shape is like pyramid. It is only accessible by a monkey bridge (15). Looking as if it belongs to the set of a Disney-themed fairy tale, is the majestic Montana Magic Lodge Hotel located in Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve (16). The waterfall from the top of hotel and blends in harmoniously with beautiful sounds of nature (17). The hotel windows, walls, doors and stairs are the main attraction. All of these carved out of the local rustic woods. The windows are enough to look at the amazing greenery of the forest (14). If the people see the picture of this hotel in the middle of the native forest, most of them firs time to see like this kinds of architecture. And then, they can expect like this hotel can bring us a magical place where our life follows nature and can feel a delicate care of the nature. Additionally, they expect about the hotel not only nature but also the service. From the outlook, they will guess inside the beautiful room, special and excellent food which is just can taste here, service for every visitor is customized, enjoy the perfect atmosphere for relax of soul and body. They must expect that they can get a very special experience which one is just can get a here.

4. Design Philosophy

An awareness of environmental continues to expand (11). The people lifestyle is changing to sustainable living. They consider environment and have more interest on it. Around the world, the sustainable business is popular. Because, for starting the business, they can protect environment and also can bring high profits. Business start to work use more renewable energy and make greener products and services (12). Like this, now days the eco hotel are increasing. Also, a growing number of customers is visiting. Prominently, Montana Magic Mountain Lodge Hotel can be ecological hotel which is thinking about accompanying harmony between nature and humanity. The motif of this hotel is eruption of volcano. And it is flowing water instead of lava. The streams of water from the top is pouring and greeting at same time when come and go from a suspension bridge which is installed at the top of the hotel. The forest of vines and moss covering the hotel. Also, the water pours out at the top of hotel provide the water to the vine and moss. This area also have four seasons. So, according to seasons the hotel turns into fit 4 seasons naturally if they don’t do decorate artificially. All of the materials from the tree were brought with prevent as environment-friendly as possible (13). In the past many people desire to live luxury life and they not really try to challenge new things and afraid to try new experience (19). However, now the people seek to find something for healing and purity which is not affect from their social life and can feel the real nature. Because they are exhausted and tired in their social life and tired of read the people’s face. They are running only see the future and because of their future they are used to stand it (20). From the social media is developing, the people easier to contact and find the information what they want (21). For example, if they do something new or special things, they will post on Face book or Twitter and show off. Then, someone see this post, they can get motivate and they also want to challenge. These days, easy to try something new challenges and find information about it. Also, nowadays the hotel is not just for sleeping place, the hotel is trying to give us special memory and service (22). The customer want it as well. Thus, this hotel is far from civilization. As a result, this hotel perfect place is for the people who want to get a special experience and challenge and escape for their boring their usual life without any disturbance.


In conclusion, Montana Magic Lodge Mountain Hotel has new concept of FF&E and design trends. Also, the hotel has sustainability system which are suitable for hotel development in these days. This hotel can provide a sustainable and technological competitive advantage from their unique FF&E. Thus, the hotel is suitable to help providing information which is relate with design process for an existing or new hotel development.


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