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African Americans

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You breathe everyday which takes away oxygen from the atmosphere. Poor atmosphere. But you survive don’t you. I wish we would stop believing that everything has to be taught to us, when is obvious that the vital things you need are in all reality inherited themselves.

So black people don’t contribute you say? Well what about jack Johnson. You know that African American man who invented the wrench. Didn’t you always wonder why it was called the “monkey” wrench? Well know you know. Cause a black man invented. He also had it panted it on April 18, 1922. (Rita Lorraine Hubbard) Or what about Philip Emeagwali. The man who was in combat during the civil war and had 3 Ph.D.’s. He invented the world’s fastest computer in 1889. Or what about one of my favorites, Daniel Hale Williams. You know he went to school to become physician and surgeon, and even founded the first integrated hospital. Oh and 24 months later he became the first person to ever successfully complete an open heart surgery. So yeah, I’m pretty sure open heart surgery has been saving lives for decades. And I’m not sure about yall but I know having a fast computer has saved my life on multiple occasions. And a wrench? Name a technician who doesn’t have one handy in time of need. You know like when it time to get your tires rotated or your car inspected so you could get to work every day. Yet no contributions to society huh? Ya don’t say.

Most believe that African Americans have little to nothing positive contributed into “society”. That’s because we aren’t mis-educated we are uneducated. Which means most of us aren’t even able to speak on thing such things as this. Because it’s out of our realm of knowledge. I don’t blame them though, you know for not knowing, because it’s not like we got taught any of this in school. Lol wait... So it’s the system at fault?


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