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Find What You Are Not Looking for Ex

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Find what you’re not looking for

Inspecting a situation or an object for a long period of time and you will be making different conclusions or assumptions about this fact.

Technique 8: Crossbreeding

Combine your subject with a totally different subject and create a new object from this combination. Draw a picture of this object. Then ask different question about it and the challenge. After, list three strengths and weaknesses, make up a story with it.


This is a synthetically-made scent that has the incredible smell of a freshly-fried MUNCHEESE.

WHO: Stores that want to increase the appetite of their customers.

WHAT: Maintaining the store with a delicious scent that will attract hungry customers.

Challenge: Making a scent that will perfectly resemble the smell of a freshly-fried MUNCHEESE.


  • Tempting smell
  • Attract hungry customers
  • Develop smell recognition of product  


  • Strong odor
  • Hard to create
  • Not all stores would want to have a MUNCHEESE only smell.

There’s nothing more disappointing than entering a restaurant or food store with an empty stomach and the smell of the place to be anything short of delicious. MUNCHEESE’s scent can take care of this problem by maintaining stores smelling like heaven, which will undoubtedly attract hunger-filled customers.  


Attract hungry customers

We realized that hungry customers are the customers we want to target. We analyzed the hours of the day that our customers are probably the hungriest. We will use these times to aggressively promote our product through social media. The content that we are going to share through our social media platforms will be promotions or deals that MUNCHEESE will be offering. As well, we will be posting pictures of freshly made items from our menu.  


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