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Tidal Wave

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Tidal Wave

When you are in the ocean and a wave pushes you down, you get back up and keep going. Everyone at some point in life gets set back. They have to push through the pain to be brought back on their feet to start moving forward again. Waves of all sizes have knocked down people who are least expecting it; so let me tell you about my biggest wave.

At age fifteen, an obstacle came in my path that was extremely unavoidable. During a varsity volleyball game, I was hit in the ocular region of my head. The game kept on going, and nobody thought twice about it. The next day consisted of headaches, drowsiness, and a concussion diagnosis. My head was spinning. After a week of following concussion protocol, I was cleared by the doctor to continue with everyday life. But for a year, taking ibuprofen and naps daily, my eyes were exhausted. I pushed through with my head held high.   

For the yearly eye-check up, I talked to Dr. Holler about what was going on. I discussed with him that my vision was double, and had blurry lines traveling across my sight throughout the day. He knew what was happening, and the results were not good. He referred me to Dr. Mackowsky, an eye care specialist, who knew how to help with my new condition: convergence insufficiency.

Dr. Mackowsky heard me out, and had a plan to solve the issues at hand. I explained to her that it was a necessity to get back to where I was before the concussion. She looked at me and said, “I don’t know how you are doing it.” Dr. Makowsky was talking about my level of academics and athletics with this condition; she did not know how I was still functioning with either.

Dr. Makowsky told my family that I was going to have to wear glasses with a special prism lense to strengthen my eyes. I would have to wear them all waking hours. I was in complete shock, but my parents were willing to do anything to help.

After six months of changing prescriptions and results not improving, Dr. Mackowsky recommended eye therapy with Matthew Privette for sixteen weeks. She said it would help strengthen the muscles in my eyes that were causing the double vision and ongoing headaches.

At this time in my life, I was facing an issue that I wanted to get past. During the time convergence insufficiency affected me, I persevered and accomplished what Matthew and Dr. Mackowsky thought was impossible. With all of the help I was given through therapy four times a week, my vision is 100 times better than before. Passing the eye therapy program was something I had set to do ever since I started. With tears in her eyes, Dr. Makowsky handed me my diploma and congratulated me on the huge accomplishment.

Convergence insufficiency not only made me push through life to make my eyes stronger, it encouraged me to reach a goal without slowing down. My goal with Dr. Makowsky and Matthew was to see things in a normal light without headaches and glasses. The final results have been amazing. I continue to improve academically. My headaches have all but disappeared, and I can see clearly through my own eyes. Convergence insufficiency did not slow me down. The concussion and convergence insufficiency made me realize that I would have to view the world differently, but doing anything I set my mind to. The wave finally brought me to shore.


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