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Salem Witch Trials: Salem Massachusetts

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a witch. The other lady was Rebecca Nurse was a member of the church said she was skeptical about the accusations, then later she was accused of doing witch craft. They later died in jail, the towns people had come to a conclusion that Satan had infected the people of the village and also infected the church as well, the towns people was starting to lose control of their colony. They had put their beliefs to the ultimate test and they used it to convince people of their wrong doings and what they need to be doing to stay in god’s good grace.

Economic Finances was big in Salem town they were divided from the Salem village into two distinct parts in 1962. The people in Salem village had set apart by class and character and economy. The people in Salem village was mostly of poor farmers, who made a living on planting rye and cattle in the rocky terrain. Salem town was a wealthy prosperous town who traded with London, it only contained wealthy people. Salem town depended on the Salem village farmers for food and determined the price of their crops and collected taxes from them. Salem village wanted to gained independence from the town but they couldn’t. In April about two dozen people was accused and it didn’t matter if you came from wealth. A man who was a one of the wealthiest ship owner, and a minister of the puritan’s church was accused of doing witch craft in 1689. When they created the church it was to help the people but instead it created more intension in it segregation. Due to the economic in the trials that were in Salem, the people didn’t approve of change and town values was not allowed in their puritan’s beliefs. The change was a cause, including the that the rye got fungus also known as ergot which caused muscle spasm and fevers, out bursts. Due to the lack of well- uneducated doctors, they diagnosed it as being bewitched. It didn’t matter if you were in the high class statist, the girls where accusing anyone that Reverend Parris and Putnam was ordering the girl. They only started the hysteria because they didn’t know what was the cause of the illness the girls where having. They had to shift the blame and what was the easy target was the lower class. The girl also took advantage of the situation due to they couldn’t due very much like speak out the way they were. The Reverend Parris and Putnam wanted to gain more power and wealth and land. The village was only a fractious population in Salem, which had many disputed between the town and the village. They had always argued about the property line and grazing rights. They had said that the town had lost its purpose and went too far with spectral evidence.


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