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Malnutrition for Kids

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Overall, kids with malnutrition is not healthy at all. Parents consider this as an example to provide more healthy foods for their kids and their family. Malnutrition affects everybody but sadly, kids are the one who gets affected more because of their immune system that’s barely growing and getting used of food they are eating. “Treatment for malnutrition should be individualized to ensure rapid weight gain and to correct nutrient deficiencies.” (Bhutta) As a treatment for kids with malnutrition varies on the cause of it but a dietician might recommend specific changes of the types of food quantities a child is eating, and might prescribe dietary supplements such as vitamins and minerals for them to gain weight or to maintain a healthy body. Also, the best way for parents to make sure they are providing properly nourished for their kids are a variety of healthy foods and limit unhealthy snacks for their kids. It would help them parents maintain a healthy body mass index for their child if they are getting nourished foods their eating. A child with malnutrition should be prevented as soon as possible to prevent nutrients deficiencies and to stop growth failure of a child, and to raise awareness of poverty. And to be specific of raise awareness of poverty, parents who have disability or sick should consider some choices and consider trying asking help for the government who provides help for people who suffer for malnutrition like a program where you can get free nourished foods and a cash aid that will help you buys grocery that will last for a week for the entire family. This programs are called The Emergency Food Assistance Program(TEFAP) who helps low income people to for food assistance and nutrition assistance.

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