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of poor leadership and corruption. After that ,he used AFP and show exemplary leadership to make the rebellion surrender. He made the Economic Development Corps , a rehabilitation program that gave surrendered Huks an opportunity to have their own house and land and that is the really reason why they made a rebellion. This is one of the best solutions that we are wanting nowadays ,a great solutions with a great positive effect .Sincerely proving that he could uplift the lives of those who are in need , Ramon Magsaysay has truly won the hearts and trust of the Filipinos.

The usual scene you will see in the malacanang palace during his term would be a lot of the citizens. Some even called it a “miniature divisoria” due to the group of people in the place. He has created a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Magsaysay was genuinely pro-Filipino. He always wore the traditional barong tagalong and used basi (an Ilocano wine) to exchange toasts with every foreign diplomats. This personality of him could promote more our product.

President Magsaysay was so loved by the masses because he did not think highly of himself. He earned people’s trust because of his humility and sincerity to address the needs of the ordinary citizens. Unlike other politicians today , Magsaysay refused to name towns ,bridges ,avenues and plazas after him. He lived in a simple home, wore simple clothes,drove his own car, and spoke a language easily understood by the people. Indeed ,he is the model of simplicity. He wanted to set an example ,someone that other public officials would look up to. He also refused a special treatment for him.

Magsaysay’s administration was considered one of the cleanest and most corruption free in modern Philippine history that is why he is very fit in our todays situation . Magsaysay was completely uninterested in money that a quality of an ideal leader should have today. He wanted to set an example so he put the needs of the Filipino people above all even at the expense of himself. When he become a president again, the administration will have an honest and clean government.

Even the Trade and industry flourished , the Philippine military was at it’s prime, and the country gained international recognition in sports, culture, and foreign affairs. The Phillipines placed second on a ranking of Asia’s well governed countries.


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