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Financial Analysis of Pm Metal Sro

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- What are the strengths of this dissertation?

Besides the fact that the main strength is the topic itself, the author is going really deep, focusses, and narrows down the topic which is certainly very hard to conclude.However, the quality and structure of the provided work, shows and proves that the author has managed to understand the topic resulting in a clear outcome; increasing the efficiency of the HR department of the particular bank. The set-up is clear; the author describes the general knowledge about HR Management including its functions, models of HRM, and its role within the organization; to continue with a narrowed and focused topic specifically describing the current HR structure within the mentioned bank. Also possible improvements regarding efficiency [with respect to the recruitment process of different positions, development, training and so on] are heavily discussed and analyzed.

- What are the weaknesses?

In my opinion the work overall is really clear however, some of the processes within the bank seem to be too general described. Deeper analysis and descriptions would have benefit this thesis. To give an example; the author wrote that rewards should motivate people for better results is really general. This could have been much more emphasized and deeply described. My suggestion would be that she had gone deeper into subjects as KPI’s [key performance indicator’s] for the employees and analyzing or estimating the impact of changes within these terms.

- What grade would you give the dissertation? Explain why you give this assessment an A (outstanding), B (very good), C (satisfactory), or D (just passing)

I found this thesis really nice to read and discuss. There are some flaws within the writing and sometimes the content was too general and/or could have been deeper discussed. Nonetheless I would give this thesis between a B and B+


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