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Dorthy Heights

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to stay strong and realize the whole power of one’s own will. Only this way it is possible to achieve the desired goals. Dorothy Height clearly realized her aims and she stood her ground in order to achieve all those desired results.

The great challenges always lead to great achievements. The experience of Dorothy Height often included the negative moments and the prejudiced attitude that she was supposed to overcome in order to attain the desired goals. One of the biggest and most prominent achievements of Height was the participation in the foundation and later leading the National Council of Negro Women. That organization was the source of freedom, democracy, and power that served the needs of the African American women and supported them in their everyday struggle for the better life and equal opportunities. The organization was established in order to help the black women in their fight for the achievement of the jobs, the right to vote and anti-lynching legislation activities. Later, the functions of the organization enlarged and it started to take care of all those people who needed help. For example, Height was the initiator of the programs that assisted people with the HIV and AIDS. The National Council of Negro Women increased its functions and became a nation-wide support for the needy. This was also one of the greatest contributions and achievement of Dorothy Height. The reason why this extraordinary woman was so helpful and generous was caused by the fact that she knew what grief felt like. She experienced that by her own. There were the difficult moments when Height needed help and support, and she achieved those from the people who were kind, generous, and understanding. That is why she tried to behave in the same way, as well as someone’s help may often appear to be a life vest that helps a person to go through the stormy days in the own sea. In 1957, Dorothy Height became the president and leader of the National Council of Negro Women. She led the organization for forty years till 1997 (Fox, 2010). During that long period of time, this incredible woman managed to help the thousands of people who needed it. She developed the organization and increased its functions. Height became well-known and respected.

It is necessary to mention that Dorothy Height never married and never had children. That was one of the devotions and contributions that were sacrificed by this woman for the sake of the country and the nation (Kelly, 2015). It would be fair to suggest that the life without a family, relatives, and support is quite difficult. However, Height accepted that kind of destiny and decided to make the whole nation to be her family. She was the mother to the millions of poor and needy. The last wave of the civil right movement took place in 1950-1960s. That was an important and very challenging time. At that period it required extraordinary strengths and brevity to stand up and stood for the rights of the black people, for the rights of all those nations and races that were discriminated during the centuries. It was especially challenging for women such as Dorothy Height. The society of that time still lived according to the old-fashioned rules of patriarchal society. Though the black men appeared to attain certain liberties and rights, the black women still were neglected and disrespected. They had no right for self-expression, education, voting, and a wide range of other things that are believed to be the essentials for every human being. In spite of all these difficulties and obstacles, Dorothy Height set the goals and tried her best in order to achieve them. She was called the “Godmother of the civil rights movements” (Adams, 2010). The important fact that should be mentioned is that Dorothy Height did not fight for the black people only, for men and women. She was one of those who wanted the equality, freedom, and civil rights for all the people who lived in the United States. The black race was not the priority of her activity, even though she belonged to it. This great woman had a big heart that could place the others in it, help those who needed it. This is one of the unique features that make Height extraordinary and special. With the end of the civil rights movement, she did not stop helping people. On the contrary, with the implementation of the important social and civil changes, the activity of Dorothy Height became even more widely-spread and multidimensional. The organizations and societies that were led by this woman also helped people who suffered from AIDS, she provided the public services that made the lives of the thousands of people better, calmer, and easier.

The achievement of Dorothy Height can hardly be exaggerated. For her philanthropic activity and efforts, she was awarded by a great number of famous awards. The Congress of the United States in 2003 proclaimed the following: “Dr. Height is recognized as one of the preeminent social and civil rights activists of her time, particularly in the struggle for equality, social justice, and human rights for all people”. During her long and difficult life, Height took numerous positions in numerous organizations. Among them are the following ones: the President of the National Council of Negro Women; executive board member of Delta Sigma Theta; the member of Young Women’s Christian Organization. The awards the were achieved by this prominent woman are the following ones: the Spingarn Award - the highest honor for the civil rights contributions; the Presidential Medal of Freedom that was awarded to Height by President Clinton; the John F. Kennedy Memorial Award; the Ladies Home Journal Woman of the Year Award and a lot of other prizes and awards (Congress, 2003). All these honors prove that Dorothy Height was a unique woman. However, the love of the nation is the best award that a person may achieve and the Americans love this woman, honored her and respected her achievements in the struggle for equality and freedom of all the people and of all the races.


The history of the United States of America has known a great number of the moments of glory and victories. However, its book also contains the pages that depict the negative and terrifying events that took place in the not-so-remote past. In spite of all the difficulties that occurred to this great nation, it has managed to cope with everything and build a prosperous and flourishing state where the rights of liberty and equality are highly respected.

The difficult times always bring the strongest people who lead the nation towards the success and victory. Dorothy Height is one of the greatest examples of the leaders who led the nation and made the country a better place to live in. Being born in a slavery-flourishing state and experiencing the prejudiced


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