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Lorna Goodinson

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The poem became moving when she recounted her mother’s sacrifice, ironically the same sewing machine that provided her income was sacrificed for her family as Goodison pays her mother tribute “for the time she pawned her machine for my sister’s Senior Cambridge fees and for the pain she bore with the eyes of a queen.” In addition this shows the role of women in society because she was the head and breadwinner of the household which made it a state of matriarchy whereas the norm for society was patriarchy. She placed the triumph of her mother in the context of Jamaican history. And this was a tribute for Goodinson’s mother, “may she inherit half her strength.”

Last but not least, Goodison’s poem “Mother the great stones got to move addresses the untold history of slavery in Jamaica and the consequences its silence may have on future generations. The poet begins with a repetition at the title and the last line of the poem “Mother, the great stones got to move” in order to emphasize her concern on the issue. The use of the word “stone” throughout out the poem, symbolizes the past and it follows the persona and she yearns for it to be removed. The poem speaks of oppression and the continuous use of “mother” in the poem shows the theme of womanhood mainly the strength of women as well as the theme of motherhood as the children of this nation depend on the mothers to let this pain and suffering be lifted. Goodinson in this poem became the voice of the voiceless “Speaking for small dreamers of this earth, plagued with nightmares, yearning for healing dreams we want the stone to move” not only addressing the history of oppression, but also delivered it with a sense of courage and hope. In stanza four we are introduced to some social issues which are faced in the nation ie. “many mouth corners gathered white,” which symbolized thirst and hunger as well as “another kind of poison, powdered white,” that symbolized drugs. Goodison is depending on women to take up the role and lead this great nation back to peace and prosperity.

In conclusion, Lorna Goodinson utilized a wide range of poetic devices the poems Nanny, I am becoming my mother, For My Mother (May I Inherit her strength) and Mother, the great stones got to move namely, symbolism, repetition, imagery, alliteration and personification to bring out the universal themes of motherhood, womanhood and the role of women in society in which she voiced her opinion on human nature and social concerns.

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