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The Layer Underneath

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M∙A∙C set a standard for themselves and set themselves way above their competition when branding their products and the projects they take on. Even though they don’t do direct advertising, their hands on approach and word of mouth caught on instantly, almost like a cult. Their products are the have to haves for the 18 to 30 year olds. With their trendy colors they pushed the boundaries outside of just the fashion world. Now everyone wants their hands on these bold products. They have been consistent in their brand and branding their products. With the quality of product that they sell and the intended market allows them to keep their cost in that expensive price range with no need for real advertisement. Is there room for change or growth? Of course, with any growing business there are always ways to improve your brand. Although I don’t believe advertising would be one of them. When you have a reputable brand and it’s buzzing from all these consumers that swear by it, keep your free advertising. Personally I do think that they need to make their products more cost efficient for the novice that see’s all these great products, but has to spend so much money for them, but everything is not for everybody and they do have very comparable drug store brands. On a consumer level they also need to be more customer friendly, not have customers waiting so long while they’re trying to help three other customers at the same time. Also, not pushing products on customers, the average person that goes into a M∙A∙C store have no real make-up knowledge so when these experts suggests all these products to boost their sales you’re absorbing it all eagerly ready to purchase ,because they know what you need right? Wrong, they just want the sale. Overall the company as a whole I think it’s great. They have their flaws but their goal is to produce a high quality product and they do. The programs that they have started are really great as well. In future business endeavors they should research the project that they are teaming up with so they have full knowledge of the background of the venture. Bold, edgy and beautiful, dare to be different no need to be the same.


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