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The Borrowed Ladder

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Vincent took his life into his own hands, not some inescapable destiny he was born to follow. He took all the necessary steps to create his dream. Vincent took the deal with Jerome to use his identity, to become the, “Borrowed ladder.” Vincent worked his way up in GATTACA to ultimately become what he always imagined he would be. Vincent made the choices, no matter how tough or what physical pain it would put him through in order to secure his position. Vincent chose the people he became close to because he knew they would help him. Whether that meant to end up loving Irene, or becoming as close to brothers with Jerome as he could get, or even becoming a role model to Dr. Lamar’s son so he could be granted safe passage onto the ship that would be and is Vincent’s end goal realized. Vincent beat the odds; he certainly was not going to let his personal problems stop him. From his heart defect, by which he was supposed to die what he called, “Ten thousand,” beats ago. From knowing he was inferior down to the last cell from anyone he was working with, even his brother, to perfecting his lifestyle, mind, and body to fit in. He was Jerome Morrow and no one could tell the difference. Vincent, at the end of the arduous life he chose, decided he was, “Home,” among the stars, where he always was meant to be simply because he chose to be there (1017 words).


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