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Mr Salgado

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now wise enough to make the right decisions in his life. He has gained knowledge over the years, and is now able to distinguish what is right and what is wrong in life.

At this point in Tritons life it is clear that Triton made mistakes that he is not proud of, such as the refusal of getting an education when he was given the opportunity too. It has come to a point where Triton realizes it was a big mistake not to accept the offer which is demonstrated, “I wish I had finished my school certificate. Stupid, stupid boy. Stupid kolla “(154). This is evident from the novel that Triton regrets not getting an education and getting his certificate. He was a naïve young boy who knew nothing. This is why he refers to himself as a stupid boy. Thoughts flooded his mind; he remembers Josephs and Witjetunga’s words. Witjetunga was the one person who gave him good advice and had told him that “a child needs education in this world” (110), these words stayed with Triton. Joseph also plays a role in Tritons life, Joseph might not have been a good example in Tritons life or a friendly person but when he spoke the truth, he warned Triton that this would be the result, that he will never be part of the family; he will always be a servant in the Salgado household. We can conclude that Triton is a different person now, a young man who admits to his mistakes although it is too late now.

It could be said that Triton was a young naïve boy who believed that education does not have to be taught in schools only, in his perception all that he needed to know was right before him, making Mr Salgado his centre of learning not realising the consequence of that. As a result Triton became aware of Mr Salgado is only human and has his own faults and that is what changed his views and regrets not getting educated. However under the circumstances which lead Triton during his process of development made Triton realise that he is more than what Mr Salgado makes of him. However he comes to a critical point where he reflects back and realises that he indeed made a mistake and that Joseph was right about saying that he will always be a servant in the Salgado household and will never be part of the family.

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