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Another important factor to mention is the company’s’ Information System Technology. They use a software computer program called “Up” which is an ERP. It enables all the employees to share information, data and knowledge in real time transactions. Employees from different locations can access the program and share new ideas, access to information they need and concerns that they may have for different issues in the company. The managers of the company are able to check the availability of their products in the inventory, make faster purchases and sales orders through the software and notify the warehouse about the availability of their products.

Environmental Uncertainty: A BI ESSE as an electrical company is Complex + Unstable = High Uncertainty this for many reasons. First it operates in a sector which innovation and new technologies are always in development and in a very fast speed. One example is the technology of Light Bulbs. Tomas Edison invented the firs light bulb with a very simple technology while today innovation in technology has created LED lights which has revolutionized not only the lights world but also has proven benefits in health and well-being. Furthermore in the last decades new product has emerged in the electrical field of technology and innovation such as, generators, power protectors, safety equipment’s, cameras, alarms, lights, etc.

Organization Culture: Organization culture is considered one of the most important components in an organization. This because it can influence the employees’ behavior related to the organization outcomes such as satisfaction, motivation, commitments, job involvements etc.

Culture of the company: A BI ESSE culture is to serve people in a funny and innovative way, but at the same time to be profitable and competitive in the market. A BI ESSE human resources department is one of its most valuable department by which it has its own principles on selecting and training employees. The idea or motto is, "Employees are hired for attitude and trained for skills and knowledge."

A BI ESSE believes that it should satisfy its employees first and then they would satisfy their customers. The philosophy of the CEO regarding its Employees is “When you treat your employees well than they can treat your customer well, and we all can benefit from this”. As Simon Sinek said: “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first”

The employees are very connected with the company. Most of them are very loyal to it and have been working with the organization since its creation in 1995. A BI ESSE promotes celebration. Every end of the year the company organizes a big party for all the employees to celebrate the end of the year. They do it in a simple and comfortable way. A feature of this dinner is that the Board of Directors Members and CEO, serves the employees during the all party. They organize small contest where the employees gets gifts as a small reward for their contribution to the company.

Another aspect which I want to empathize is that since its creation every summer the company organizes a foreign trip to BI ESSE - Italy to share experience and build relationships between employees of both companies. They go by cars, which is organized as a small tour by visiting different European countries such as Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, and then Italy.

A BI ESSE relationship among its competitors and other organization is assumed under the “population-ecology model”. This perspective focuses on the organizational adaptation and diversity within a population of an organization. The process of changing in the population is defined by three principles, variation, selection and retention. Variation: Based on the population ecology model new organizations are always appearing in the population. This is what had happened in the Electrical Industry since its creation. A BI ESSE companies’ main competitors in their area of operation are “ALBA Electric”, “SALI Electric”, and PHILIPS. These companies have arisen mainly in 1995 since A BI ESSE was created. These companies’ main objectives are to provide and developed new products and services for both domestic and international Electrical market.

Selection: This refers to whether a new organizational form is suited to the environment and can survive over the long term. Looking at the growing market demand for new technologies in the field of electrical products, A BI ESSE company offers the designing and implementation of “Automated Electrical Systems” services. This is a new service in the Albanian market for which the demand is in continuous growth. Engineers must have the appropriate level of skills and knowledge to provide customers with these services.

Retention: This refers to the institutionalization and preservation of the selected organizations forms. Since its inception, the company's goal was to provide quality products and services at a competitive price with which the company identifies itself. This goal remains true even today, the organization continues to carefully select its suppliers and the range of products and services it offers. To consolidate its purpose, the company implemented new policies related to the extension of the warrantees of its products and after-sales service.

As a conclusion I can say that A BI ESSE Ltd company remains a leader in the industry of Electrical Materials retail. This thanks to the high quality of its products and services combined with the experience, integrity and high commitment that it shows in relationship not only to the products and services it provide but also to its employees and to the society as a hole.

For me it has was been an honor and privilege that I had the opportunity and possibility to work in a company like A BI ESSE. The experience gained in the company not only regarding the profession but also the relationship build with the organization members and staff will always stay in my memory.


- Daft, R.L, Armstrong, A. (January 2015). Organization Theory and Design, Third Canadian edition. Publisher: Nelson.


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