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had a house daycare she usually had a Christmas party for everyone to come like hard working parents and even the lazy ones. Mostly of the kids that went to the daycare we knew personally, either they were family or knew from church. Back to the story I remember this Christmas like it was yesterday. I spent a night at my grandma house Christmas Eve. I woke up that morning the tree was standing in the corner, everything standing for the special occasion. Beautiful on both sides, the deep green tree and its shiny ornaments seemed especially magical and forever special.

The best part of the tree was what lay under the tree, the bright packages that had hidden beneath for weeks. Santa’s gifts lay on the couch in front of the T.V, but although I loved getting the toys he brought the real fun lay in ripping off paper and watching others do the same. Santa never wrapped his presents, but my family always did. So as the day goes on my little brother runs to me as somebody with a knife was chasing him. So he come to me and whisper in my ear and says “Destiny I know where mama and grandma put the gifts” So we both just yell “YAYYY”. So it turns out that the gifts were in my grandma closet. So eventually we started to creep to the room and seen are toys that wasn’t wrapped. I guess my brother was too happy because when he seen my mom he told her thanks for the scooter he had because he really wanted one. So when my mom found out that we looked at are gifts she told us that she was taking it back and we was getting nothing. That’s when the best Christmas turned to the worst Christmas EVER.

As family and friends started to show up I sat on the couch mad and wanting to kick my brother all way across town. Eventually it was time to say grace, I don’t if it was because I was mad or what but everything was so nasty to me and I didn’t want to eat nothing. After everybody was done eating it was time to open presents because my grandma got almost everyone a gift big or small. As people was opening they gift the more I got mad. All I could hear was RIP, RIPP, and RIPPPPP! I really was mad because everyone was opening their gifts but me. My mom looked at me and brother and just started laughing I was wonder what was so funny old lady. She got up and went to the back and grab our gifts and said if you two do that again I’m sending it back for real next time.

Food means family. Food means love. Getting together around a table on a special holiday, gathering for a birthday party, a cookout, a reunion, a festival, etc. It’s all about the memories food brings. But, not just any food, southern home cooked food.[RP4]


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