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To Focus the Importance of English Language in a Developing Country

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Many powerful countries like Japan, China, Korea had poor success to train English teaching professionals for school English teaching. That is why personnel policy is very much important in all over the world. In Bangladesh it is much bad situation. In the primary level, teachers are not subject specialists but they are expected to teach English from grade 1. So they need training. The government is giving opportunities to take the training. But it is a matter of fact is nothing significant changes are seen in the schools.

Moreover, the teachers of secondary level are not also good at using English in the schools. After joining in the school, they are required to complete a 1 year BEd offered by 82 teacher training colleges. But in rural high schools, maximum English teachers are not involved in practicing in English to develop their own career. For kinds of reasons, students get lack influences and knowledge to learn English language.

However, there are some projects which are donor-funded to train the English teachers. Those projects are-

- English language teaching improvement project (ELTIP) Bangladesh.

- English in action (EiA).

- English for teaching, teaching for English (ETTE).

- Secondary education quality and access enhancement project (SEQAEP).

- Teaching quality improvement in secondary education project (TQI-SEP).

English teacher training facilities offered by government institutions (PTI and TTCs) and donor-funded projects are not enough to train the teachers of English. Our country does not have huge resources and institutional capacity to train English teachers. At the primary level, there is no initiative of English language teacher education and training from the government of Bangladesh to date. The absence of our government in these areas is making much more difficult to train the teachers. The government did not fully consider the whole issue of such policies, whether they are implementable or not within the country’s existing resources and institutional capacities.


To make the country more developed, it is much essential to implement such policies which are suitable for the learners. Besides, it is the government responsibility to make the English teachers proper trained. To blow up our global economic condition, the government should take this issues seriously.


Hamid M.O. (2011). Globalisation, English for everyone and English teacher capacity: language

policy discourse and realities in Bangladesh.


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