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sports, or traveling, to higher pleasures like marriage or getting a job. A person can not do these things all day to be happy. Rather than happiness, this would more likely be pleasure, and pleasure can not bring lasting happiness. Happiness is an intense feeling and might be the most important feeling. Every individual has a different way to portray their happiness, but they all have their own dreams in mind as well. In The Great Gatsby, each character in the novel has their own interpretation of the ‘American Dream’ as they all lack happiness due to environment of American society during the Jazz Age. The American Dream seems almost non-existent to those who are on the other side of the tracks. That feeling of happiness is what everyone wants to strive to achieve, but only see a glimpse of it. Similar to how Gatsby thought that he could reach the green light but in reality, it was out of his reach. Sometimes, people dream for so much that he or she can not accomplish as much as he or she had wanted to and become disappointed about it in the end. They act to obtain the materials or ideas to induce pleasures in an individual’s goal or dream. Eventually, once they lose the things that they had, they realize that excessive greed is selfish and there should always be appreciation of the opportunities that one has. Therefore, happiness can be defined as something that satisfies that persons abilities.


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