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Gloria Estefan

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Apart from being a renowned singer, Gloria is also an actress and a writer. She appeared in two films; Music of the Heart “(1999) and “For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story” (2000). She also wrote two children books “The Magically Mysterious Adventures of Noelle the Bulldog” (2005) and “Noelle's Treasure Tale” (2006). According to the New York Times the book spent a week on the bestseller list for children’s books.

In addition to her artistic talent Gloria is also an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur along with her husband Emilio, they own many businesses such as seven Cuban restaurants called Bongos Cuban Café; Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood in Florida, at Walt Disney world, in Mexico City and in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They also own two others hotels in Miami and have a small ownership of Miami Dolphin.

The personality of Gloria Estefan amazed me because of her success despite all the complexities that she had been through in her life, from her childhood in Cuba, her immigration into the United States, the support she gave to her family (Strazzabosco, 1996). Not only she succeeds as a professional, but she also has a strong relationship with her husband. Not all couples share so many businesses and work well together for so many years. Gloria and her husband are one of the best couple among the celebrities. I strongly consider Gloria as a role model to be pursued. I have learned that complications should not be a cause to prevent from accomplishment of dreams. Obstacles should be taken as a source of strengthen making people more hard working and more determined. After learning so much about Gloria’s life, I apprehended that we have to fight for what we desire no matter how complicated life can be from time to time. Gloria’s story helped me to be more determined in fulfilling my dream.


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