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Giuseppe Verdi

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At the beginning of high school it was rather hard for him, but from year to year he got more focused and interested in school. In the fourth year decided to write a project thesis for his high school graduation with his school friend Manuel about building up a corrosion laboratory. I was really proud like every mum as my son James got his high school diploma presented.

The next half year in James´s life was full with party, drinking and staying with friends and I am rather glad that I don´t know everything during this time.

In November after school he joined the military service. At the beginning it was not so easy for him because he was not used to the strict rules at the military, but in the end it was not as bad as it has been in the meanwhile.

After the military a lot of things changed in James´s life. He got to know his girlfriend Julia and I am happy to say that he is still very happy with her. He also started to work as a quality engineer at Andritz Hydro in Linz. At the same time he also decided to move in a shared flat with his friends to Linz. At this time the real work life started for him and he had a lot of new things to learn and also had to travel a lot around the world to sites to assess the quality and consult the supplier in corrosion protective issues.

In the year of 2017 he made again two life changing decision. The first is to change from the quality department to the technical sales department as a System engineer for turbines and governor and the second is to start at the University of Applied Science to study International Business and Engineering.


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