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Deshonna Rasco

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Deshonna and I spoke about the current drinking law, how drinking has a negative on work productivity, divorce, suicide, and increased medical problems. Deshonna believes that no one under the age of twenty-one should be drinking. In her opinion, anyone under the age of twenty-one is more susceptible to being taken advantage of or making wrong choices in general. Teens must be responsible enough to know their limitations. Deshonna thinks teens shouldn’t be experimenting with alcohol. Deshonna also spoke of all the news reports that are daily on Facebook and the news that consists of teens dying in car crashes due to alcohol. Deshonna said that it's not worth drinking and driving and risking a life. She stated it could all be prevented if teens would just be responsible and have a sober driver.

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Deshonna believes that happiness seems to be the thing that everyone searches for and desires. These days there are so many different things that can make a person happy. Happiness to Deshonna in her words is inner contentment that deep down she desires just as much as any other person. As Deshonna was surrounded by love as a child by both her step mother and father, this has turned to her future goals to give love to her family as she received it. By providing for her family and making sure their needs are met gives Deshonna the happiness so many other look for. Deshonna mentioned she is always searching for happiness she finds it surrounded by friends and family who support her in everyday life Deshonna looks forward to the future and what it holds for her as she fulfills her goals.


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