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Adrian Sutherland

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worked as a paramedic for 10 years responding to emergency calls all across Ontario.. He has the role of Chief Executive Officer for Economic Development. He retired so he could pursue his music career. Adrian is the lead singer and songwriter of the rock band, Midnight Shine. All of their songs are based on personal experience. Adrian started off his singing career, by posting covers of himself singing, on youtube. He then brought together 2 other musicians from Attawapiskat to form the band, Midnight Shine. After they released their first album, Ralph James from Toronto, noticed them and helped them take their career to the next level. Since then, Midnight Shine has been traveling all around Canada for interviews and performances. Adrian also has a business called ‘’Moose Take out’’ and they sell wild meat food, such as Burgers, sausages and many more. His wife, Judy does the cooking and his two oldest daughters, Karis and Aryn help with the cashier and the cleaning. Adrian and his family plan on opening a second business in the near future. Last but not least, Adrian is a hockey player. He plays in the Men’s winter hockey tournaments every year. He has been playing hockey tournaments since he was a kid. Adrian is now teaching his two youngest boys how to play hockey so they can keep themselves busy just like himself. He onced played at the Juno Cup in Ottawa, with former hockey players Mark Napier and Paul Kariya. Adrian is a very hardworking and successful man. He has come along way, and he hopes to be seen as a role model for the next generation.


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