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Mkt 435 - Tommy Hilfiger Campaign Evaluation

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The creation of a capsule collection in collaboration with the supermodel created cloth casual but with some type of formality. By using such an influencer in the fashion industry like Gigi the company gained a bigger reputation immediately using her as ambassador creating an idea of the company becoming closer to the new fashion world rather than being a classic brand. The new campaign got young people abroad quickly.

The main point of this collaboration was to put the Casual Tommy Hilfiger as a must if you wanted to keep in the fashion world, by changing the brand’s identity. Tommy Hilfiger has been a brand that we all have wear at some point of our life's but that wasn’t enough to keep them in the now quickly changing fashion industry.

This is not the first but second campaign that the brand has made with the supermodel because of the success of the last year's campaign they decided to do the spring/summer 2017, and also the fall/winter 2017. The dynamic of this campaign was to maintain everyone in touch with what was happening in the actual world using influencers of the fashion right now, using the best Personal Relation and the Marketing. They did off runway shows such as Tommy Land earlier this year to promote the campaign. The result of this campaign was proof that the supermodels now have the power to push collections into the commercial world as they wish, because of all the available social media they have and all the followers that follow what they wear what they do. Because of this campaign the company gained a 70% of new shoppers, sales growth across the women’s category. Not just Tommy Hilfiger but also the 66% of brands also have introduced famous influencers as a marketing strategy. Seeing the Tommy Hilfiger websites and their social media pages we can easily identify the huge growth they are having, nowadays people feel more connected to a person than to a brand. Social media is a great platform to create some sort of inclusive spirit and democratic philosophy to others and to bring creativity and energy to a brand. Gigi has an incredible audience that follows her as a fashion role model, giving their followers a watch into their complete lifestyle. The campaign generated 3.7 billion impressions across Instagram and Twitter since the first collaboration. The presence of this ambassadors has to feel authentic and not forced.

This campaign uses paid media as advertisements in the streets, news papers and magazines, and owned media, by advertising it in their own social media, emails and webpages.



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