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Define the Human Factors That Should Predict Success on This Job?

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on the information supplied in application forms.

2. Selection Tests:

Applicants who passed the preliminary interviews are called for the tests which are of different types depending on the jobs and the company like personality tests, aptitude tests, ability tests etc., to judge that how well the applicant can perform the job-related assignments and tasks.

3. Employment Interview:

Employment interviews are formal and detailed conversations and are an excellent selection device. Interviews are of different types like one-to-one interview, structured and unstructured interviews, panel interviews etc.

4. Reference and Background Checks:

This step is entirely a formality and done to cross check the information provided by the applicant. It can be through telephone calls and formal letters but it rarely affects the selection decision.

5. Selection Decision:

It is the most critical step for which the views of line managers are considered as important because it is the line manager who is accountable for the performance of the new employee.

6. Physical Examination:

To avoid time and expenditure organizations mostly prefer the medical examination and a physical fitness test. A job offer is often dependent upon the candidate passing the fitness test.

7. Job Offer:

Job offer is made through appointment letter, given to those applicants who have successfully passed all the previous steps.

8. Final selection:

After all these steps, the candidate is selected finally. Initially he is appointed on temporary basis but after finding his work satisfactory he is appointed as permanent employee of the organization.

Thus, all the above steps of selection are important for the appointment of right kind of person for the right job. And if a wrong person is selected for the job, it will cost to the organization in terms of time, morale and finance.


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