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3.3 Teamwork

During this seminar I had the chance to work within a group of five when we performed together multiple tasks, starting by a small presentation assignment of 2 minutes to the final presentation of about 7 minutes. Honestly, our group showed I real improvement during the whole week, as we were struggling in the start with lack communication and dynamic, on the top of that it was our first week of class together, so we didn’t know yet how each of us working method and communication style. However, and we were the only team including the four styles of communicator and I think that this was what helped to overcome our initial difficulty build a dedicated team and end by winning as the best presentation. Each of the member had an input and task; and by the final presentation and with feedback we managed to take the best from the theory and use it in practice.


As a wise man once said, “every moment is a moment of truth”, this sentence is memorable one that I personally will never forget and i believe that it summarizes the whole report and emphasize on how important is communication. With excellent communication skills, you stand out and be noticeable and will surely succeed in personal life and in your future career.


the whole 2 weeks period were about advice and feedback from all who surrounded me and specially the NxtGen team, and by the end I feel they I learned more than expected I was even happy looking forward to going for the second week as I knew it will all about new things related to communication I become more complete and will use this output in my future experience


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