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What Made Sony one of the Leading Companies in Global Electronics Industry?

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Global Markets – Due to its global presence Sony is impacted by the economies of other markets.

Measures Sony Should take to revive its operations.

Among the various issues the internal issue needs to be fixed first, starting with the addressing of the ‘Silo Culture’ in the organization, which posed as a major downfall as the departments were not transparent and supporting of each other. Bring about a centralized plan for various products is also very important having a common goal and strategy thus uniting the departments which may compliment each other. Concentrating more on market research so as to tap into the market trend and develop plans accordingly to meet the future consumers utilizing the resources at disposal to come up with innovating and useful products, which may be a game changer. Concentrating in the emerging markets like Asian markets and draw up plans and goals for the same. Focusing on the core competencies of the brand such as product innovation and quality. Even with a deployment of dynamic capabilities approach Sony may revive emphasizing management to adapting, integrating, and configuring internal and external organizational skills, resources and functional competences to match the requirements of a changing environment.

Main reasons for leading companies falling to completion.

Adapting and forecasting is a key aspect of any organization, many of the large companies fail to understand the market and the customers it is very vital to understand the customers buying habits and adapt accordingly and to take the market for granted in this context Sony was keen in innovating its CRT television when the market was shifting to LCD. A Clear value proposition is also important a clear statement should be established, as when launching the portable musical device the software didn’t backed the device it was too tedious with conversions and slow. Failure to anticipate completion and reacting to competition, technology or marketplace may also push the business to danger zone. A concrete customer strategy is also required which large consumers often forget how customers influence the business, getting in touch with them to look what they like or dislike and take the necessary step accordingly. Management plays an important part starting from planning, organizing, directing, controlling and staffing thus having a strong management who understands exactly where the organization is standing in the given moment is an integral part, thus foreseeing the future and taking decisions accordingly. Thus these are some the major factors companies should focus even though they might me market segment owners, failure to do so will cost.


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