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Emergence of Departmental Store in Bangladesh

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Areas of Research

This research is solely focused on some questions how departmental store get popularity, what are the factors that made it wide speeded over this short period of time and in what extent it possessed the present market as well future market. Generals consideration while shopping from departmental store was a significate area while conducting this research.


While conducting this research I expected to find the pressing reasons of why departmental stores getting popular in every single day in our country. I tried figure out some key factors that are mainly provoked and are responsible for the emergence of departmental store with in this short period of time.


In conducting this research all the required data to test hypotheses are collected both primarily and secondarily and are effectively used to reach in any conclusion.

Primary research:

A survey consists of 12 survey questions were set to ask people’s reaction and idea towards this trend of departmental store .in this survey. These questions were set very technically in order to come up with clear idea about how people in general consider departmental store. Major concerns while making this questions are when they became introduced with this sort of store, their shopping habit, are they satisfied with this facility , what are the consideration they make to when selecting a departmental store etc. All these question were sufficient to answer all my queries that I needed to test my hypothesis.

Secondary research:

To back up my primary research some solid and previously proved data were needed to verify my findings.

For that I used one journal article, one historical video about departmental store, one newspaper article and some other resources available in the North South University library. Internet is widely used in finding many random data and also used to comprehend many terms that are implemented in this research work. Some random information from different sources and individual also took under consideration after verifying their authenticity in this research work.

Primary Data Presentation & Analysis

To arrange primary data I conducted a survey over a sample space of 40 individual. In my survey there were 12 questions which are prepared based on research question and to justify my hypothesis. These questions are to find information from different angle to verify hypotheses whether it’s right or wrong. Graphical representation and description of them can help to analyses more and get a clear picture. My survey questions are analyzed below

- Which one is the first Departmental store you visit?

[pic 1]

This question is to find out from which era on the evolution of departmental store the person started her/his journey. The first three shops started their business in three different year with an almost equal gap to It also can answer at what stage s/he became a customer of departmental store and also can support other further questions in the survey to figure out what is the customer’s status as a customer of a departmental store. It is natural that a person who get acquainted with this facilities earlier are turned regular customer of this retail purchasing stores.


Name the nearest Departmental shop from your residence.

[pic 2]

This question is to figure out the customer’s preference of Departmental stores based on its location. After answering this question there is another question from where the shop these two questions are supplementary and helped me to figure out the significance of location while choosing a departmental store. In another question majority of the customers answered quality as their first consideration in selecting a departmental store. This also showed that location or outlets has less significance though it motivate people to buy from a particular brand which has most branches some of them were asked whether they shop from

- Name the nearest local Bazar from your residence and have you ever visited that place?

The purpose of asking this question in through the survey questionnaire is what the shopping habit of that person is. People who visits their nearby local bazar are highly potentially can be considers as a regular purchaser of daily commodity for them and their family. They are still shopping from local bazar mainly because they consider price as a major fact while purchasing and also can be less aware or not convened with the facilities that a departmental shop offering to its customer.

- What is your top priority while purchasing from Departmental store?

[pic 3]

With this question I tried to find out the major consideration of a customer while purchasing from a departmental store. I made four segment of preference one is Quality then price then location and service. This four helps to find out what is the reason behind choosing a particular departmental store as different stores offers these different types of good sides. In a whole they prefer departmental store more and that’s why they are becoming skeptic about it.

- How many times you shop in a month from departmental store?

[pic 4]

This question is to find out the frequency of how many times a customer purchase from departmental store. People who buys 2 to 3 times in month are cannot be considered as a regular buyer. Those who buys 3 to 7 times are moderate buyers and their number is also significant. People who buys more than 7 times are regular buyer but in my sample space this type of buyers are few in numbers as most of them are students who most of the time buys for their own purpose.

- What you usually purchase from departmental store?

[pic 5]

This question asked to see specifically what people commonly buy from departmental store. Departmental stores have wide variety of choices from them I tried to genre some to judge what actually attracts people to buy from that place. Majority of the people in the sample space buys food products an necessity.


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