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Samsung Customer Experience Management

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Customer Experience Management:

The Apple Experience

- There are ‘5 Steps of Service’ that every Apple Store staff member needs to work through and these should either lead to a sale, or more importantly to Apple, to build a customer for life:

- Apple's sufficiently training and produces his sales team the level of quality and service anyone who's visited an Apple store comes to experience it. The customer feels a great deal experience about apple product at their store.

- They train the employees and specifics that words they're not allowed to use, and how to identify and take advantage of our emotions.

- The Apple retail staff training for how to sell product and create the long term customer relationship.

Key Strategies of A.P.P.L.E. Selling way describes as below:

• A - Approach customers with a personalized, as customer entre in the store they warm welcome.

• P - Probe politely to understand all the customer's needs.

• P - Present a solution for the client to take home today.

• L - Listen for and resolve any issues or concerns.

• E - End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return.

So anytime a customer comes in angry about their phone screen shattering, slow procedure and disappointed about the gadgets due too expensive. Customer frustrated with latest OS upgrade and having lost their photos.

Apple staffs are taught to employ the "Three F's," which are:

• Feel

• Felt

• Found

The customer feels that Apple products are exceptional, with a high-quality design, and an excellent hardware and software.


Samsung is highly R&D, product innovation and design capabilities in various electronic products.

They have less customer experience as compare to Apple. Now Samsung try to won back its reputation back by customer experience management. Before, Samsung had notoriety for dismissing client benefit. They have taken following steps.

- Focus more in Retail to reach out customer

- The “Smart Academy” Bar for clients to tackle their issues significantly speedier.

- Innovation for Better Client Administration

- Samsung aims to enhance customer experience

- Samsung has been transforming its digital-appliance outlets into “Samsung Open Houses”, futuristic show houses where consumers can walk in and experience the company’s products.

- Each Samsung Open House has the unique features a “Samsung Centre Stage”, an interactive giant screen of 85 inches. It not only made the superior shopping experiences but also practical information for consumers’ purchase decision-making.

- Digital appliances uses are high-involvement products. Therefore, consumers get all product information seriously regarding usage instruction, cost-effectiveness, technology and benefits.

- Up to 68 percent of consumers say experiences at the shops are the most important factor in their purchase decision-making process.

- It also observed that only 36 percent of client purchase digital appliances during the first visit at stores.

- “Recognizing consumers’ needs, Samsung has decided to make it easier for customers to find products and detail information about the product they want at our places. We have done so by re-creating our outlets as Samsung Open Houses,” Saowanee (digital-appliances business director) said.

- Product information is provided in a friendly way in Samsung open house so that consumers can get the products as per needs.

- Samsung Open Houses were based on the “home is the happiest place on Earth” concept. The customers feel a pleasant mood, product-display zones are packed with premium digital appliances from Samsung.

- In the open houses, consumers can test all digital appliances. The big highlight in the Samsung Open House is the Samsung Centre Stage, an interactive ultra-high definition screen of 85 inches. Consumers got information of technology and usage instruction of all Samsung products on this display.


[pic 6]


[pic 7]

SWOT analysis conclusion:

We have done the SWOT analysis and observed that Apple is doing innovation based on customer experience basis and focusing on Customer Emotions and looking at the psychological aspects in business also.

The Samsung is also doing the innovation, but they unable to integrated the feedback in product design till 2015. Now Samsung started the “Open House”, where sells person interact with customer one-one for customer experience. In future it may create the big challenge for Apple.

[pic 8]

Apple’s brand promises connect, and the product and experience exceeds expectation on delivering that promise.

As per Kano Model, the Apple and Samsung phones beloved index has studied and plotted bar chart here.

Indifferent has more in Samsung, Basics (like it) are same in both, Performance (Love it) higher in Samsung and Excitement (beloved) unexpected things are very high in Apple which makes beloved index higher in APPLE product.


- Last five year Apple and Samsung are the largest manufactures of Smartphone across the world after the failure of Nokia and Blackberry.

- Apple introducing the first iPhone in 2007, while Samsung introduced galaxy series in 2013 brought increased competition for Apple.

- Apple using the own software and Samsung’s


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