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Death Scene the Great Gatsby

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In my opinion, in Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation, the story is illustrated like a fairytale with the help of strong, vibrant colors and the soothing voice of the narrator (Toby Maguire). This makes the viewer, that hadn’t read Fitzgerald’s novel, to enter in a world of pure romanticism, transforming him into a witness of a love story with a tragic ending.

Jay Gatsby’s final scene begins at the pool with music in the background that builds suspense. The sequence of images played in a slow pace: Wilson’s shadow behind the pool curtains, Daisy picking up, undecided, the receiver, the ring of Gatsby’s phone, the butler’s voice answering the phone without saying the caller’s name and a glimpse of Wilson, staying behind Gatsby, amplifies the suspense even more.

Daisy picking up the phone, but not calling Gatsby, let us believe that even though she loves him she is only a coward, a superficial woman that loves more the comfort and the social position that Tom Buchanan can provide.

The phone ringing is a new element introduced in the story that we don’t find in Fitzgerald’s novel. For me this sound was allegoric, like the sound a train makes before leaving the station, which marks the end of the wait. Was like the sound of a church bell that announces death. It’s like Coppola wanted to give Gatsby hope in his future with Daisy before the final blow (another romantic element for me).

After Gatsby is shot, he falls into the pool and his body submerges under water. The light of the sun makes the water sparkle and gives Gatsby an aura of a fallen angel.

The fact that the novel’s author did not give us enough details about this scene gave the two directors the possibility to put their own mark on it. For me, the 1974 adaptation was a more faithful version of Fitzgerald’s novel. Starting with the atmosphere created by the music and ending with Wilson, full of remorse and suffering, taking his one life in that empty scene, focusing only on the two characters that needed our attention. If I hadn’t read the book first, I would have been inclined to appreciate more the 2013 adaptation which had a touch of contemporary composition due to the suspense and thrilling feeling.

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The great Gatsby - Chapter I

Personal filming technique

By Amalia Dascalita & Daniela Corman

It starts with the voice-over of Nick Carraway “In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over (…)”, followed by an establishing shot on the East and West Egg. Using a long angle on the East Egg we zoom in on Tom Buchanan’s house. With a long shot we go through the high hallway followed by another establishing shot around the room. Then we use a “tight on” on the couch and the girls, with a full shot on Baker and then on Daisy. Next, we use a close-up on Daisy when she rose up the couch and starts laughing.


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