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Gregor Samsa

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Creative writing


As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect. He was lying on his hard, as it were armor-plated, back and when he lifted his head a little he could see his dome-like brown belly divided into stiff arched segments on top of which the bed quilt could hardly keep in position and was about to slide off completely. His numerous legs, which were pitifully thin compared to the rest of his bulk, waved helplessly before his eyes. What has happened to me? he thought. It was no dream. His room, a regular human bedroom, only rather too small, lay quiet between the four familiar walls. At the first moment he refused to trust what his senses were telling him while innocently closed his eyes and wished in vain to wake up again as a normal human back in his room. Finally, after several minutes of fight against the facts he resigned and accepted his perturbing circumstances. But that wasn’t the only problem of Gregor, actually he had been so busy complaining with himself that he didn't even noticed that he couldn't move; Samsa, who never was good managing anxiety was just about to realize that insects could also hyperventilate, because thirty seconds later he lost consciousness. When he woke up again next day -because he could see the date on his alarm clock- he was converted again into a human, the same Gregor Samsa as always. Anyway, his anguishes were far away from disappearing, something just happened the day before; something he couldn’t understand or explain but it was obvious that there were no more memories in his mind than just waking up transformed into a bug in his bed just to loose consciousness a few minutes later. But if he wanted answers he would have to go and find them; so as any other day he took a shower, dressed up and headed to work looking for any clue of that mysterious day. His search was not conclusive, wherever we went, whoever he asked the answer appeared to be always the same: nobody saw Gregor Samsa that past wednesday. More confused than ever Gregor went back home and as usual prepared, he prepared his dinner, quietly eat while reading the newspaper -an habit that he learned from his grandfather who thought that reading the news in the morning gave a bad attitude to the people towards the new day- and went to bed. As Gregor Samsa awoke the next morning from more uneasy dreams he found himself -again- transformed in his bed into a bug with the only difference that this time he was a normal size insect. Fortunately, for his piece of mind, this time Gregor “the bug” Samsa could move. Without complaining more about his transformation he took flight and through the airways he was able to get out of his house. The landscape was by far the most amazing thing that Gregor Samsa had ever experienced, this new point of view made all quotidian objects look


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