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Environmental Engineering - Artificial Intelligence

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Brayan David Ríos López

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Environmental Engineering


Artificial intelligence in recent years has advanced exponentially and surprisingly. The storage capacity is almost infinite, it can give answers in a matter of milliseconds, and eventually the artificial intelligence will manage to be self-aware and will manage to carry out activities that would be impossible for most humans. The challenge for creators is to recreate the complexity of processes that occur in the brain and implant the emotions that a human being can get to express; however, the artificial intelligence will overcome in many aspects to human intelligence but never in one, the imagination.

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Some time ago, artificial intelligence was known by ordinary people only as machines that can solve mathematical problems or was associated only with computers and cell phones, however at present this intelligence is not only able to solve but also to learn, an action that only humans until some time ago could only. Learning and solving from acquired knowledge and this has helped to achieve machines capable of simplifying work in many areas essential for humanity.

However, the criticism of these advances was not long in coming, but this has not stopped the accelerated pace in which the creators manage to implement other functions in these machines. Today, in addition to giving them almost realistic appearances where they can look identical to a human being, are able to maintain a conversation with another person, can mean company, help for people with disabilities among other functions that are not limited to solve only mathematical problems as at the beginning they were.

This ability to create machines that can do everyday things like an ordinary human has led us to think that if you go further, the machines can acquire consciousness and this could have adverse repercussions for humanity, but in a way, these advances in the Technology is of the utmost importance to learn more and wanting to improve ourselves every day leads us to advance more and more in areas where 50 years ago it was unthinkable. Artificial intelligence will overcome human intelligence in many aspects; however they will not overcome those brilliant minds that created them because there is nothing more amazing than the human imagination that has led us to achieve incredible advances in all areas of knowledge.


Artificial intelligence will be vital, it will help us to advance in different


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