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Instagram Outperforms Snapcha

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There are several reasons because off Instagram outperforms Snapchat in the marketing. The media are very important in the marketing, instagram stand out importance of the hashtags in the service, the above causes the companies find the market segment more easily.

Instead Snapchat is more temporally, this makes consumers don't found content in the plataform. Currently Snapchat were finding alternatives when it decided expand so that companies can advertise. According to this, the companies must ensure that the experience is different, interactive and dynamic compared to their competitors

The people found that Instagram stories reached higher levels of commitment than Snapchat stories, so fequent visiting habits Snapchat dropped off significantly. The fall of Snapchat caused users delete the App from devices altogether. When Instagram introduced the stories, many people find it easier to share content on the platform they were already using. Most of the people prefer Instagram stories for marketing and Snapchat stories for to use in personal things

During 2016, we saw how the application Snapchat did for a large investment in the new updates, such as editing and camera filters, to respond to your competition, because of that, Instagram you also add new updates such as stories, stickers and live broadcasts.

Day after day, are more similar features that have Instagram and Snapchat, that makes it increasingly confusing for people, to know to which of the two applications to go.

It can be concluded that the Instagram platform is more dedicated to segmented advertising. However, Snapchat's advertising options are more fun and creative.


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