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The Whispering Willows

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we called them the three sisters. As you would look up you would see the thickness of reddish brown branches stretching as far as possible with a big thick coat of green leaves that would scatter across the sky and looked as if it was a upside down ice cream cone in terms of its structure. Around the hill there were two weeping willows that provided lots of shade for the medium sized pond that laid underneath the two trees. These two willows were the woodpeckers favorite, as they would love to drill in several holes in what seemed like a straight line along the trunk of the tree. Woodpeckers weren’t the only birds that loved to stay perched in these weeping willows but also the red tailed hawks. The hawks would scan the area looking for any rodents or fish moving in or around the pond. The more and more I watched the more I fell in love with nature.

It was really neat to watch a little ecosystem going through it’s cycle with both the prey and predators in a secluded habitat in my Grandmother’s backyard. I also really enjoyed watching the golden sunset burry it’s way into the hillside until it would put itself out. While the sun was illuminating its golden yellow rays of light across the many rows of purple, yellow, red, orange, and pink flowers I would breathe in and out slowly smelling both the fresh pond water and the sweet odor that filled the air. That alone would put me in a peaceful state especially when the birds all from all around would sing while darting from tree to tree. Overall I enjoyed visiting my grandmother for all the nature her backyard had to offer and also her lovely smile.


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