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H.B. Fuller Honduras

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should stop selling the glue in Central America or find an alternative to the Resistol adhesive. I would recommend that H.B. Fuller spends more money on researching and developing no-toxic glue s as a substitute for the Resistol glue. Thus, the company will provide safe and effective products in the same time it will help other businesses – customers- to flourish and the whole society as well.

According to Gini and Marcoux (2012), I have applied the Kant’s duty-based principle and Categorical Imperative as Kant calls. This case there is no way that a universal law can be established that knowingly produces harmful products. “ [W]hatever you want men to do to you, do also to them” (Matthew 7:12). First, moral equality should be done in this case, which means that the company should have conscience and care about the affected people by its products and put themselves in the homeless kids’ parent situation for instance. Would they be satisfied by watching their kids misusing the glue and suffering with life-destroying disease? Even though the social conditions in Central America are poor, the Resistol glue is harming the homeless kids as long as Fuller sells Resistol glue in that region. Second, the company should respect humanity. In this case, Fuller has treated the street kids as a mean to get to its end. Since the company did not perform any study or research before selling Resistol in Central America, I believe that Fuller is treating the kids as experiments to evaluate the product and its harmfulness. Thus, based on Kant view, the firm should respect humanity rather than happiness-making for both parties (Fuller and shoe businesses).


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