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Ceramic Heater Made by Kambrook

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Hotco Industrial Heaters & Heating Elements is the chosen company to be the ceramic heating elements supplier. It is a local based company in where their stocks are available in many domestic cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Newcastle. Utilizing domestic supplier will contribute to the reduction of lead time and logistic costs. As a result, the quality of ceramic heating elements will directly affect the longevity and performance of the product. On the other hand, Kambrook states that their products are made to be used in any unexpected conditions with long durability ( ). Thus, Hotco is seen as the most efficient choice which is beneficial from its 50 years’ experience, Hotco has been proven to be the leading company which aims on elements for heater and heating system aspect, so that it could ensure the quality of ceramic heating elements, which are also key elements of whole product.

Curvo Transformers Private Limited manufactures electronic assembly and power connectors, it is an Indian company where is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. For the reasons why this company has been targeted is because India is widely known as a country which has advanced technological skills. According to India Brand Equity Foundation, the output of IT products represent 52 per cent of the US dollar 124 to 130 billion market. Moreover, the company is able to provide competitive cost with lower labor cost, to be more specific, compare to other suppliers, the cost will be 3-4 times cheaper ( ). Meanwhile, the products that are made by Curvo Transformers are considered as reliable and cost efficient. However, the lead time is unpredictable due to long distance and some trade barriers might occur because there is still not any Free Trade Agreement between India and Australia ( ).[pic 2]

Carton for packaging (packaging for display)

Requirements: must be painted carton boxes (Features, advantages, contents)

Company: Westbury Packaging (, Australia

Westbury Packaging offers a real alternative that will help business to be more competitive without compromising on quality, choice or distribution


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