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Central Neighborhood of Cleveland

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Many of the teachers I spoke to say the schools serving these kids are low functioning. Some of the parents are involved in their child’s education while some don’t even know what their child is doing in school. Throughout this community many of the children and adults have disabilities making it more difficult to teach. Some of the children have a hard time staying focused because they are thinking about where they are going home to that night, when their going to eat, how they are getting home, etc. Some of the children have to take care of their younger siblings at such a young age, such as walking them home from school, doing homework with them, and making sure they eat on a daily basis.

Many adults who work with these students in the neighborhood have said that they have to understand a lot of things because what these kids go through. Many of the adults I’ve talked to say, you have to respect these students in the Central neighborhood if you want their respect. Many of these students will talk back, swear at you, and think they can do whatever they want. An important thing to consider is understanding their culture. Lastly, being able to connect with each and every student and showing them you care and trust them so they trust you is a large part of helping.

Other Information

Central Neighborhood isn’t the best area when it comes to being safe. I see students walking alone at probably age 12 with no parent or guardian, which is normal for these kids. The stories I have heard from students before they come to school and what they had to deal with is so sad to hear. It is no wonder why these schools are failing in performance. How can you expect a child to stay focused and learn when outside of school is violence, poverty, homelessness, etc. I think it’s important all teachers create a safe environment for these students. How are teachers supposed to respond to students who come into school talking about how they saw someone get shot, didn’t have a place to sleep that night, how the police were at the house arresting their parents, etc.? Teaching these kids to be successful is important, but shouldn’t we be instructing them what to do in these situations?

An article I read about Central Neighborhood from 2011, was that the neighborhood has improved and looks a little better than it once did. I couldn’t imagine what it was before because I still see it as not one of the best neighborhoods around. The Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority renovated or replaced old barracks-style projects to create a more contemporary feel. This neighborhood has many single mothers that lack coping skills. These mothers are mostly unemployed and have little to contribute for their kids. This article talked about how this neighborhood is in need of jobs, but most importantly focusing on education. The more education you can get the better chance you have to succeed. In an interview, the majority of residents in the neighborhood want to do better. They are trying to reduce educational disparity in Central through its “Central Promise Neighborhood” initiative. This is a federal grant program to help kids have greater success (

Synthesis and Issue Identification

Overall, this neighborhood is struggling in many different ways. There are many factors that contribute to the success or failure of the students. There are many hidden factors that we don’t know among the students. This community is in poverty, low in employment, and failing at school performance. A big issue to focus on right now in the community is improving the academics of kids in schools. The schools in this community are failing miserably. Although there are many factors that contribute to this issue, we need to find ways in order to help these kids succeed despite the issues. The Outhewaite Community Center does a great job at serving these young kids with the best help they can give.


There can be a change if efforts are made throughout this community.


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