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Natalie Russe Elkins         

University Success


Dr. Silvia Harkins


                Plagiarism can be used in school or in your employment, whether you are writing a 500

word essay or giving a speech at a meeting at work. It is your choice to whether it is a good idea.

Plagiarism in practically stealing someone else’s words and using it for your convenience.

Plagiarism can cause you to lose a job or getting expelled from school. If you choose to make an

irrational decision that can cost you so much, then you don’t really care. By copying someone

else’s ideas show that you are uncommitted to school or work. I see plagiarism more at school than in other circumstances because school requires you to write more essays and for some people it’s easier to copy than to study and pull an all-nighter. Students fall into the habit of copying others or just stealing other’s ideas because most likely they are not a fan of the class they are currently taking, I call that lazy. Some students tend to leave all assignments last minute and think it is better or quicker just o copy and paste someone’s else’s ideas or thoughts. Students should always ask for help if they find themselves in this circumstance. I’ve learned during this course that GCU has a great team that will always be there if you have any questions or concerns. If I’m in a situation where I’m unable to complete an assignment for whatever reason, I will contact my professor to let him/her know of the situation and see if I can get an extra day to work on my report. It is better to le late than for you to copy someone else’s writing and use it for your report then get expelled from school. Ask for help and guidance, simple. The key take away for me was Steven situation. I’ve learned that we can all have go through difficult times but stealing or copying is not the right direction to take. GCU offers a tremendous resource that we can take advantage of or simply talk to someone as for help but never give in into plagiarism. It is not worth your career or academic school.


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