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As a general introduction, I have been on sales all along all my professional life, I might have begun before I even knew. I have pushed myself into it, I’ve evolved and adapted my selling techniques to the complexity of the financial services I provide.

To became able to provide a Project Finance to a client I have had to evolve into a financial consultant specialized on derivatives, trust and credit. Nothing less, and now I am able to structure complex projects and make the same sell to three very different peers on the business: the project manager, the CFO and the CEO. Put it in some way, it is a three-ring circus sale in which I have to provide the right information, to the right person, in the right time and in the terms and language this person expects it. It is an advisory sale.

In my opinion Roberts try to evolve as well. He proposes to stop basing sells on desire and opportunity and begun the establishment of more powerful connections between the brand and it’s market. I understand this new tendencies proposed by Roberts as an insurance to huge companies against losing more share of market to new competitors in micro segments.

I loved his romantic focus; it’s almost a seduction guide with clear processes and their main variables.


In this highly competitive global market Roberts proposes a definitive differentiator: transmute from a trademark to a lovemark. Which mean to reach a deep emotional connection with your market by triggering secondary emotions; by presenting the brand and its products using grate stories charged with mystery, sensuality and intimacy.

Now days it turns out it’s not enough to protect the brand; neither its top of mind position on its market; nor selling through desire.

Roberts’s solution: Lovemarks. His concept feel into the market to influence an unconditional loyalty beyond reason, he propose to accomplish this through emotions and feelings so the audience reach commitment by the conjunction of two main pillars: respect and love.

This profound sense of attachment is pretended to be achieved by the use of empathy and providing the different shares of market exactly with the very emotion they lack and crave.

I find overwhelming the inclusion of these humanistic notions, this super graphic and excellently edited book blow my mind away into new and exciting concepts. Thank you for shearing.


Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill & The 10X rule by Grant Cardone.


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