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is also a result from diplomacy, the world would be an isolated place without diplomacy, why? Because without it, we would not be able to cooperate with each other and so we would be isolated from each other due to the land separation.

Public speaking, negotiating, doing a speech, and many other verbal skills are a must skill that a diplomat ought to have. Words from one’s mouth may become more dangerous than any kind of weapon, any act of hostility, violation, and war, all start mostly because of one’s disagreement with each other, this is why being a diplomat is a big responsibility to have, one mistake, and the whole country might caught up in a war. Diplomacy is the highest form of where words can bring joy or hostility toward each other in this world, a war might be ended or get worsen because of diplomacy. There are many aspects in our life where diplomacy hold an important role on it. How one get what it needs, and how one control and taken over something is all about negotiating as a diplomatic act. Problems around the world would not be ever solved if there is not any act of diplomacy, a country might ended up attacking each other when the diplomacy between them gone wrongly. Diplomats are ought to be very cautious and mindful of their own words, and that is because what they think and what they say will bring many impact toward their representative country, it is not impossible for a diplomat to influence the whole world because of its importance, diplomats also hold the role in maintaining a country condition and stability.

In case a diplomacy act were done by a governmental staff or even some citizen without any position, this diplomacy act might still bring many impact toward the nation condition, it’s just like when there are hostility between two big groups in a country, if the diplomacy between the two big group gone wrong, their hostility might bring disaster to the country’s stability and cause many kind of problems in the country, without diplomacy, even just the smallest part might gone wrong, and this small failure might bring disaster toward the country condition and thus broke the country’s relation with the global community. We just cannot remove diplomacy in our daily life, it is inseparable, the world would be in chaos and ruined without diplomacy, there would not be any solution or negotiation to solve problems across the nation, the importance of diplomacy in solving and strengthening the global community is just limitless, the world now would not exist without diplomacy, we will always and will never be able to release ourselves from the importance of diplomacy.


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